10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small: A Guide to Supporting Your Local Leggings Business

collage of customers wearing various clothing, leggings, skirts, joggers, and three pictures of mommy and me outfits

Shopping from a small business like our leggings brand has many benefits that you may not have thought about. Here are 10 reasons why you should shop small and support your local leggings business:

  1. Personalized customer service: When you shop from a small business, you receive a level of customer service that you won't find at a big store. We take the time to get to know our customers and create designs we think you'll really love! And if you need any help, we are right there for you!
  2. Unique products: Small businesses offer unique products that you won't find at big stores. Our leggings come in a variety of exclusive prints and styles that are definitely not available at your typical retail store.
  3. Quality over quantity: Small businesses take pride in their products and put a lot of care into their production. We work hard to make sure our fabric is top quality and will outlast the leggings you find at the big stores. (Not to mention, feels way better on your skin!)
  4. Supporting the local economy: When you shop from a small business, you're supporting your local economy. We work with many other small business around Arizona and the country, so more of your money is helping families instead of paying a big corporation's bonuses.
  5. More eco-friendly: Small businesses tend to have more environmentally-friendly practices than big stores. We mainly use high quality a poly-spandex fabric that uses way less water than the cotton clothing (we love cotton too, but it's got some drawbacks...) and our small batch cut & sew partner generates less waste than traditional clothing production.
  6. Making a difference: When you shop from a small business, you're making a difference in someone's life. By shopping with us, you're supporting several women in chasing dreams but also being able to work around our family's needs and schedule. We really appreciate it!
  7. Convenience: Shopping from a small business can be just as convenient as shopping from a big store. Our online store is easy to navigate and we pack up your order as quick as we can!
  8. Building relationships: When you shop from a small business, you're building a relationship with our small team. We often remember our customer's names and preferences!
  9. Supporting creativity: Our team has been able to help other small businesses get started, from designing their branding and website to helping them get off the ground with social media marketing. We love that opportunity to contribute to the small business community.
  10. More fun: Shopping from a small business can be more fun than shopping from a big store. We like to have fun with everything we do, and we love doing that with our amazing customers!

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