5 Ways to Keep Your Closet Neat

Hello beautiful ladies! I would love to see your closets with a rainbow of tops and neat stacks of colorful leggings. Oh, not quite an accurate picture? There’s no reason to settle for a messy closet. I’ve got a few tricks I’ve developed over the years, which keep my half of our tiny closet spick and span!

Track what you don’t wear.

Every New Year’s, I turn all of our clothes hangers backwards. If by the following New Year’s, any clothes still have a backwards hanger, I know I haven’t worn it for a whole year. It’s pretty easy to give that away, right?

Make things as easy as possible.

Do you really need to fold your underwear? Only if it makes you happy. I have two bins in my closet, one for underwear, and one for work-out shorts and tank tops. Not gonna fold my gym clothes - ain’t nobody got time for that!

Store those Leggings

I find it easiest to fold my leggings and stack them in a hanging cubby organizer thing - I think it was supposed to be a shoe organizer? They sell them at Target, Walmart, and Ikea. It velcroes on, and has room for all my leggings plus jeans and skirts too! I think that’s way easier than rolling them and putting them in a drawer. Personal preference.

Trash that Junk!

I know most people will save old t-shirts and what-not to wear around the house or at the gym, or even as pajamas. But you need to really evaluate - do they actually get worn, and do you enjoy them? Personally, I feel a little frumpy heading to the gym in an old shirt. I much prefer a pair of bright leggings and a sassy tank top. If you have a stash of crappy t-shirts from events that you won’t ever wear again, get rid of those suckers!

Have a special bin or two.

If you have clothes you don’t wear but don’t want to give up - don’t beat yourself up! Go ahead and tuck them away and label the bin, and stick it up on a shelf. For example, you may have a bin of maternity clothes. Or for me, I’ve got clothes that are too small, but too beautiful to let go. Maybe sometime I’ll give them to my daughter. They are up on the top shelf, out of the way.

So there are all my special tricks. If you don't like them - that's okay! You do you! But I'd love to hear your tips & tricks. :)

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