10 Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Ah, welcome to boot season! After a long and strenuous summer, I am finally joyously pairing my leggings with boots again! I thought we could take some time and explore various shoe options! 

1. I've been wearing my leggings with BIRKENSTOCKS! Well, knock-offs! Loving the look!

2,3, 4. Flats, ballet flats, toms! These look great with leggings! 

5. Ankle booties! Cowboy style, fringed, whatever your style! These are a little more warm-weather friendly, and I wear them year-round!

6. Boots! Knee-boots look AMAZING with leggings!!! I'm partial to "riding" boots.

7,8,9. Whatever! I rock the flip-flop and leggings look, even if it's not super popular. Who cares? Or you can get super trendy with moccasins, or even heels!

10. Um, don't forget about kicks! Leggings are adorable with colored converse or other casual tennis shoes. 

I hope I've inspired you, or at least brightened your day. All my leggings-wearing mamas are so wonderful - and I love you all! Keep on keeping on!


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