Why We Love High Waisted Leggings

woman wearing cactus leggings and a yellow sweater

As children of the 90's we shudder at the low-rise pants. We remember how uncomfortable and impractical they were. And those cheap leggings from the big box store? They're falling down because they don't have a legit waistband (and the fabric is probably stretching out from poor quality materials, but that's a whole other soapbox)

We make our leggings high waisted for that very reason, and more! They hug your curves and stay where they're supposed to be! No lines cutting across your beautiful stomach and leaving red marks at the end of the day. This is a no-muffin-top zone! Just smooth and beautiful curves. They won't roll down, dig in, or any other funny business. You should be able to move and play without worrying about your pants behaving themselves!

High waisted leggings create a longer silhouette for your legs. So flattering! Add on fun, unique prints like cute animals and beautiful florals, and you are winning the leggings game! 

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